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fOg Programs

The fOg honor creativity in its many forms. We surface work from around the world to identify creativity that not only moves consumers and makes icons of brands, but shapes a global industry.

We do so by leveraging an international network of peers -experts who embody the vast, diverse, and ever-changing creative landscape. The fOg judging process is known for its democratic approach to recognising creative excellence. Fewer than 20% of submissions, within a media type, survive the first two rounds, from which juries re-evaluate the work to determine Gold, Silver and Bronze statues along with the Shortlist. Less than 5% of all entries receive a statue, and less than 1% receive the coveted Gold fOg.

Each jury also has the option of awarding the highest honor, the Grand fOg, to one truly exceptional piece of work in each media type from the chosen Gold statue winners

fOg Awards

Learn more about our award programs and how to enter

fOg has decided to present Awards to honor designers and publishers every year starting from 2021. Our panel of judges will decide the Awards and apart from this, online voting will also be considered.

General Eligibility

Entries first appearing in public between January 1, 2021 - July 31, 2021 are eligible for entry into this year’s fOg Creative Awards. Entries cannot be made without the permission of the client and/or owner of the rights of the work. fOg retains the rights to disqualify entries which offend national, religious, cultural or racial groups. Entries previously entered into the fOg Awards are not eligible to be re- submitted. All such ineligible entries will be withdrawn by the fOg Awards and the entry fee will NOT be refunded.

  1. Magazine (Design & Content)
  2. Book Design
  3. Website Design
  4. Poster Design
  5. Video / Film

Key dates

fOg Creative Awards Key Dates

2021 Call for Entries: January 29, 2021
1st Deadline: Friday, April 20, 2021
2nd Deadline: Friday, May 18, 2021
Final Deadline: Friday, June 29, 2021

See Entry Fees for details.
All deadlines are 11:59pm IST.

Shortlist & Winners Announcement
Gold, Silver, Bronze and shortlist announcements will be made on Wednesday, September 5, 2021.

2021 Awards Show
Wednesday, October 3, 2021 at the fOg

Grand winners will be announced during the Awards Show for event related inquiries please call +91 9746004598 or email

General Eligibility
Entries first appearing in public between January 1, 2021 - July 31, 2021 are eligible for entry into this year’s fOg Creative Awards.

Media Requirements

Below is an overview of the media requirements

Please remove the following before uploading any media:
- Agency Credits
- Individual Credits
- Agency Logos
- Slates

Image Upload

NOTE: All medium types require an image to be uploaded to the entry in order to submit payment

Required spec for Image Uploads:

  • Resolution: - 2400 x 3000 pixels (portrait minimum) - 3000 x 2400 pixels (landscape minimum)
  • File Type: jpg
  • Color Mode: CMYK
  • File Size: Up to 50 MB

In the event that your entry is awarded a statue, the image provided will be used as a thumbnail on the winners gallery on the fOg website

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pdf upload

Required Spec for PDF Uploads:

  • File Size: Up to 50 MB
  • PDFs can be either single page or multiple pages.
  • PDFs do not need to be 300dpi resolution.
  • We suggest using Adobe's 'Reduced Size PDF' feature when saving your file.

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Video Upload

Required Spec for Video Uploads:

  • Resolution: 640 x 480 (minimum)
  • File Type: mp4
  • Compression: h264
  • Sound: AAC 44khz
  • File Size: Up to 500 MB

All bars, slates and black must be removed from videos.
All videos must be submitted through the entry system on the Upload tab. fOg will not accept CDs/DVDs.

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Required Spec for URL:

  • Entrants must keep the URL accessible online for judging through September 1, 2019.
  • Please provide any login credentials required to access the URL.
  • Please do not have the case study video within the URL.
  • URL entered may not contain agency names within the URL.

Entry fees

Entry Credits

In the case that your entry is awarded a statue, all credits will be made public.

Please remove all credits from the uploaded media and synopsis before submitting an entry. This includes agency credits and logos, individual and personal credits. If the piece was created in-house or by the brand, then the brand’s name/logo can remain on the entry.

Please make sure that you enter all information and credits completely and accurately when submitting an entry so that all contributors are properly recognised for their efforts.

fOg is not responsible for errors or omissions of information and/or credits.

Payment Methods

The following are accepted payment methods:

Bank Transfer

To pay for your entries by bank transfer please complete your entry forms, proceed to pay for your entries, and select “Bank Transfer” as your payment method.

Our bank details are as follows:

  • Name on Account : fOg Generation
  • Branch : State Bank of India, Chilavannur Branch, Kadavanthra, Kochi
  • Account Number: [Will be provided on your order confirmation page and PDF]
  • RTGS | NEFT | IFSC Code - SBIN0016

Please include the order ID number in the reference line of your transfer. The order ID is assigned to your entries at the end of the entry process by the entry system, and is included in the confirmation email you will receive.


Please make the check payable to “fOg Generation” and mail it to the address below (along with a copy of the summary page from the entry confirmation PDF that you received via email after placing your order):

fOg Generation
2nd Floor, fOg Buildings, John Alunkal Road,
Padom Bus Stop, K P Vallon Road
Kadavanthra PO, Cochin - 682020


Regardless of the payment method you choose, the confirmation email will contain a PDF file with your entry forms and an invoice for your financial records with GST.

The Judging Process

Learn more about our award programs and how to enter

Each year, fOg appoints top creatives and marketers from around the world to serve on our distinct juries. fOg selects individuals whose own creative work epitomizes the best of their respective fields, ensuring that each juror has an in-depth understanding of the industry’s evolving marketplace.

The fOg judging process is known for its diplomatic approach to recognising creative excellence. All jurors have an equal say in decisions, and the majority vote rules. Judging criteria across all programs is creativity and originality.

Some of the questions jurors are asked to think about include:
Is this work creative? Original? Inspiring?
Is this work brave? Bold? Innovative?
Juries will review all of the entries submitted within their assigned medium types. They participate in preliminary rounds of judging individually followed by a final round of judging to determine the awards given to each piece – Gold, Silver, Bronze, Shortlist. During the judging process there is no minimum or maximum number of statues that need to be awarded. The jury reserves the right to award as many or as few entries as they see fit in a particular medium or category.


Jurors that have submitted work into a medium they are judging abstain from voting on that work in all judging rounds.

Grand Fog

The Grand fOg is fOg ’s highest honor. The Grand fOg is similar to “Best in Show” but it’s more than just that. It

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the deadlines for submitting entries?
  • Why are there different deadlines for entries within a program?
  • What deadline price will I be charged if I started entering my work during one period but didn’t submit it until another?

Statue Duplicates

  • Can we purchase additional fOg statues for our team members?
  • What is the policy on shipping and refunds for duplicate statues?
  • The basic information that you will be asked to enter when submitting your fOg entry is:

Entry Title

The entry title is a short name for this entry. Keep it short, memorable, and descriptive. We suggest you not include the brand name, agency name, or medium type as these will be on your entry in other areas and don’t need to be duplicated.

Advertised Brand

The brand associated with the entry, that is being advertised or marketed.

First Launch Date

The date that the work was first released to the market country of origin – The country in which the work was first released to the market.

Synopsis (optional)

A brief write up stating the main objective of the entry as concisely as possible. Focus on explaining how the idea is creative and original (the two judging criteria).

English Language Translation (optional)

We strongly suggest that you dub or subtitle your non-English language videos into English. If this is not an option, please provide a text-based English translation.

In addition to this basic information all entries require a JPG to be submitted. The JPG will be used as the thumbnail during judging, as well as on our winners gallery and in all printed materials if the entry is awarded. The image should represent the brand/product being marketed.

Beyond the image, the required media varies by the entry medium.

As a friendly reminder, per fOg policy all entries must remain anonymous to jurors, therefore, please remove the following before uploading any media: Agency Credits, Individual Credits, Agency Logos and Slates and be sure your agency is not mentioned in the synopsis.

Why do I need to upload an image to every entry?

All entries require an image to be submitted. The image will be used as a thumbnail during judging. If awarded or shortlisted, the image will be displayed on the winners gallery and used for printed materials. For entries without a visual execution, we recommend using an image of the brand/product advertised.

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Is there a time limit for case study videos?

No, there is no time limit for videos. We recommend keeping all case study videos under 3 mintues for judging purposes. For more information on media requirements please visit our fOg Resources Page and select the desired fOg program.

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How long should my entry synopsis be?

Although there is no minimum or maximum number of words, we recommend you keep your synopsis to approximately 300 words. We suggest you utilize this section of your entry to elaborate on the piece as well as the creativity and originality of your idea. It’s also a great place to provide any helpful context, including cultural context.

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I’ve already entered my work into one of the fOg programs, can I enter it into other fOg programs as well?

Yes, as long as you meet the entry requirements for a given program you are allowed to enter your work into it. (ex. A piece previously entered into fOg magazine may be entered into the fOg Awards so long as it meets the eligibility dates.)

However, you are not allowed to enter work into the same program that was already submitted in a previous year for consideration.

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How do I submit a campaign?

Campaign submissions consist of 2 or more pieces. Each piece within a campaign requires an individual entry form to be completed (including individual uploaded media and payment).

How to Enter a Campaign?

Create or edit an entry which you intend to make into one of the elements of the campaign.
In the Campaign tab select YES when asked if the entry is part of a campaign.
The next question will ask you if it’s a new campaign or an existing one.
Select NEW.
Provide a Campaign Name.
Proceed completing the entry all the way to the Review step.
In the Review step click the ‘Add Next Entry’ button.
The first campaign element is now saved and copied to create the next element easily.
Change the title and upload media asset(s). Change any other information if needed. Proceed to the Review step.
Repeat steps 6 through 8 until all campaign elements have been added.
When complete click Add to Cart and proceed to check out.

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Is there a limit to the number of mediums I can enter a piece of work into?

No, you can enter a piece of work into any appropriate mediums and categories for a given program, there is no limit.

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In the credits, do I need to list every single person or company that contributed to the work?

While it is not required, we recommend that you are as comprehensive as possible when filling out the credit details with your entry. Should your work make the shortlist or win an award, the credits will show within the winners gallery. For more information regarding Credits, see here. (Entry Credits - LINK)

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I made a mistake on my entry or forgot to include some people on the credits, can I make changes after it has been submitted?

While we encourage you to be as thorough and accurate as possible when entering your credits information for entry, we realise this isn’t always possible. Credit updates are allowed after the entry has been submitted, however we cannot guarantee that these will be reflected immediately within places like the winners gallery.

In most cases, you will be able to sign into the Entries system and manage credit updates yourself, however during certain periods the system will be inaccessible for these. In such instances you will need to reach out directly to the fOg team to request credit updates.

To update credits on your entries please follow the instructions below: Login to your account https://entries.foggeneration.com/sign-in
Click “View All Programs”
Select the desired fOg program, click “My Entries”
There you will click the last tab, titled “My Orders”
Select “Edit Entry” to the desired entry
Click “Credits” tab to make edits.
Click “Save My Entry” to finalize updates

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I’ve started my entry but still need to gather some more information/materials, will I lose what I’ve entered so far?

The system will save your work at certain intervals, but to ensure you don’t lose any progress you’ve made on your entries please be sure to click the ‘Save Entries’ button at the bottom of the screen before you exit. You can always return at a later time to finish entering your work.

Please note, however, that the deadline period that will apply to you is dependent on when you actually submit the entry, not when you started entering information.

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I need a formal invoice for my order, how can I access this?

To request a formal invoice, please contact us with the following information: Order ID
Additional change requests (if applicable)
Contact Information for invoice delivery
Please note that requests take up to 2-4 weeks. Once the invoice is prepared
it will be emailed to the contact provided.

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What entry information do the jurors review?

The following information is presented to jurors:
All applicable basic entry information including: Entry Title and Brand, Campaign Name, Entry Type, Medium and Category
All applicable media including: Images, Videos, PDFs and URLs provided
Entry Synopsis and any applicable specialty fields (Where did this run?, Strategy, etc.)

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If my piece is awarded, what information is displayed on the winners gallery?

If your submission is awarded or shortlisted, the following information will be displayed on the winners gallery:
Entrant Company
Media (Images/Videos)
Credits (company and individual)
You can visit our Winners Galleries in the website

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What are the deadlines for submitting entries?

Each program typically has three deadlines for entries (1st, 2nd, Final). The entry fees depend on what deadline period the program is currently in. All deadline pricing changes at 11:59pm IST on each deadline date. To see the key dates for each respective fOg program:
fOg Grand Award
fOg Magazine and Book Design
fOg Poster Design
fOg Website Design
fOg Video

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Why are there different deadlines for entries within a program?

The deadlines within the programs incentivise users to submit their entries as early as possible. This allows the fOg team the most time to check over and process all entry information.

What deadline price will I be charged if I started entering my work during one period but didn’t submit it until another?

The entry fees are determined by the date you actually successfully submit your work into the program, not when you begin working on an entry.

For example, if you started entering your work into the fOg entries system during the 1st deadline but did not submit it until the 2nd deadline period then you will be charged the 2nd deadline entry fees.

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Can we purchase additional fOg statues for our team members?

Yes, additional statues for fOg winning work are available in the fOg Store. Only those listed in the credits are eligible to request personal credits on the statue nameplate. If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

What is the policy on shipping and refunds for duplicate statues?

As all duplicate statuettes are personalised, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
Shipping on domestic orders is charged at Rs.1000.00 per statuette. All international orders are charged a flat rate of Rs.
6000.00, regardless of how many statues are included in the order.
As the statuettes are personalised, we do not accept refunds on any orders.

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Questions still left unanswered?


To create an entry, you need to register with the entry system.

Organisation / Church Information


**IMPORTANT**Attach the screenshot of registration payment.Without payment you are not eligible to the entry

Easy Payment

Upload works in pdf/jpg/png/msword/excel