FTH (fOg Talent Hub) is designed to get people to channel their gifts into positive activities and provide a creative platform for undiscovered people to express their God-given talents in a variety of styles and formats, including singing, dancing, drama, poetry, painting and spoken word. We want them to be seen and heard. We invite young and old from different schools, colleges and churches to be part of this programme, and this would be absolutely free of any registration/other fees.

Participants must be born again Christians, without any age bar and members of any local church, should be able to produce a written or verbal reference from their pastor and be living in accordance with biblical standards.

Performers will be allowed to perform one selection of up to five minutes in length, with the exception of painting, speech, dance and drama performances, which will be allowed up to seven to ten minutes each. Participants can bring their own instruments to perform.

This programme has been developed to encourage people in the church/wider community to explore and celebrate their unique gifts and talents. In doing so the organisation hopes to strike confidence in their hearts.

FTH aims to “revolutionise the way that youth and adults see Church and Christianity.”